The Smurfs: The Baby Smurf No. 14 download pdf, epub

The Smurfs: The Baby Smurf No. 14 download pdf, epub

Peyo,: The Smurfs: The Baby Smurf No. 14

The Smurfs: The Baby Smurf No. 14


Baby Smurf arrives in the village! But for how long? On a quiet night in their village, a stork visits the Smurfs and leaves a Baby Smurf on one of their doorsteps. But the next day, the stork returns - the Baby Smurf was delivered by accident and must be returned! As soon as they go to fetch the baby for the stork, they find it's gone! Where did the Baby Smurf go? And will the Smurfs really have to return it?

Welcome to a Korean language learning adventure designed to make learning fun! The Let's Learn Korean kit is an introductory language learning tool especially designed to help children from preschool through early elementary level acquire basic words, phrases, and sentences in Korean in a fun and easy way. The flashcards can be used as a learning tool in a classroom setting, at home, or anywhere that learning takes place, and can easily be taped around the room for an interactive learning experience. This Korean flash cards for kids kit contains: 64 Flash Cards (4.25" x 2.7") that get children talking about Numbers, Colors, Going Places, and more. Everyday words and sentences help children learn naturally.Audio CD provides native pronunciation of the Korean words, and sample sentences for practice plus Korean songs that help make learning fun.Color Wall Chart (24" x 18") keeps all the new vocabulary in sight.Learning Guide for Parents and Teachers 32 ages The Smurfs: The Baby Smurf No. 14 download PDF tells you how to use the cards for most effective learning, and includes activities and games to play with your kids."

Author: Peyo,
Number of Pages: 56 pages
Published Date: 05 Mar 2013
Publisher: Papercutz
Publication Country: New York, United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9781597073813
Download Link: Click Here


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